Through my travels, I've shot portraits all over the U.S.A. In my photos, I work to capture real moments and honest emotions. I search for subjects with unique kindness of heart, features of unseen beauty of the soul. Shot in both color and black and white, these images function as a window into understanding not only the subject, but ourselves.

For the work I do, to continue, I need $50,000 for:

*Payroll $20,000

*Operational Expenses for our Affordable Housing Program in Lexington Mississippi $10,000

*Operational Expenses for our L.C.O.R.P.S. Programs in Lexington Mississippi, North Minneapolis, and Williams Arizona. $20,000

Funds are Needed by January 31 2021

You support will provide free, or very affordable housing to U.S. Citizens in Mississippi. You will be helping people in need In Rural & Urban communities in

*Williams>Cottonwood>Verde Valley>Sedona>Flagstaff: Arizona

*Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul: Minnesota

*Holmes County: Mississippi

The Company I worked for to Fund www.lcorps.org is no longer open due to the Covid 19 Virus.

Please Don't Let Covid19 Take My Non Profit Too.

2020 Affordable Housing Creation In Holmes County, Lexington Mississippi