When my children were all young, we embarked on a life long journey of spreading love and life through art.

I sat them down and asked them to "paint me a picture on the computer." I told them that "I will write a pome for each picture that they make."

And one day we will publish them all and use most of the money to help people in need who need help the most"

We agreed that the name of the published works would be titled:

"My Children Would Have You To Stop & Smell The Flowers"

This was to be a book of poetry. The idea has since grown into a platform for decreasing child poverty in The United States of America. A much needed task!

I'm Selling Hope For Our Future

I. S. H.-F. O. F.

It Means Adult Clothing & Entrepreneurship

For Our Children's Children

F. O. C. C.

It Means Children's Clothing & Endowment Fund


Hi, I'm [ Chris ]! And this is: The Art Of Making History

This is the story of the greatest accomplishment in life. [ Which is? ] Working With My Children !

Over the course of the last 8 years My Children and I have taken OUR show of philanthropy on the road again, and again. While touring the nation from 2012 through 2020. We have identified three key areas of the United States of America to form networking partnerships to help our nation’s citizens cross the bridges of the digital divide, wealth, health and education gaps, Our aim is spreading the “good news” of I.T. Evangelism. We are now seeking young men and women who need help pursuing an I.T. career to augment the coming demands the I.T. workforce. The three major cities set to host L.C.O.R.P.S. National Initiative Expansion Project are:

  1. Twin Cities Minnesota (Northern Hub)

  2. South Side Chicago Illinois (Midwestern US Hub)

  3. Holmes County Mississippi (Southern Hub)

In the remaining states we have and will continue to form a network to provide LCORPS Satellite Nonprofit services and Nonprofit 2 Nonprofit Business services.

(Detroit MI, Milwaukee WS, Gary ID, 5 Borrows NY City, New Orleans LA, Atlanta GA, Washington D.C. Compton & Watts, California)